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Fitness Programs at D'Valda & Sirico
The Dance and Music Centre offers fitness solutions that get results: boot camp classescardio and stretch classes as well as personal trainingnutrition counseling and meal planning.

Move better, feel better and look better! 


Have you tried TRANSFORM yet? It's the new fitness class that produces real results presented by EvoStrong. It includes a dynamic warm up, core work, strength training, metabolic circuit and mobility work.

RAVE REVIEWS are pouring in..."Best workout ever", "Great to have the personal attention to my form", "Challenging but really fun and I've learned a lot"

• Individualized attention in a small group setting
• A holistic exercise program incorporating movement tools, nutrition
  re-education, stress management and injury prevention
• A structured, progressive Strength and Conditioning program that
  promotes “bang for your buck” user friendly, fun, exercises
• Exercises are scaled and modified based on each person’s health
  history and fitness level
• Training that’s “smarter” not just “harder”
• Utilizing a full body and total energy system workout, TRANSFORM
  pushes you out of your comfort zone, but never gives you more than
  you can handle
• Team taught classes by Certified Trainers providing twice the attention
   and expertise
• TRANSFORM is directed by owner, Kelly DuBois -
   NASM-CPT, Precision Nutrition Certified C.H.E.K.-Holistic Lifestyle
   Coach, and Chris Patterson - DVRT Certified

Transform Class Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday
9:30am to 10:30am

3:30pm to 4:30pm


What do you get when you combine high energy movement, the latest dance styles and full body stretching? You get Cardio-graphy! A dance exercise class for all levels. 

The class includes warm up, choreographed routine, fat burning workout and cool down. 

Cardio-graphy Class Schedule:

Wednesday - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Did You Know?

You can workout while your child is dancing!  Angelina Ballerina Info

​One on one sessions that produce results through a focus on holistic health. 

Private Training Schedule:

Private appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as well as Saturday afternoons.

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Nutrition counseling/meal planning is available for individuals, couples and families. Your program will be built based on your bioindividuality. Each of us has our own specific dietary and lifestyle needs. We are all unique and individual when dealing with reaching our health and wellness goals. 

Each eight week package includes:
  • 8 sessions, including a 1-hour initial consultation and 7-30 minute follow-ups
  • Customized meals developed based upon your biochemical individuality needs and goals
  • Comprehensive questionnaire that will assess current diet, health history, lifestyle, goals, medications, and supplement usage
  • In-depth lifestyle questionnaire that will assess external factors that could be affecting your health such as stress levels, toxic load, sleep patterns, digestive health and dietary habits
  • Weekly feedback and education provided via e-mail/phone to ensure long-term success
  • Food journal review, grocery shopping lists, snack ideas and recipes
  • Unlimited text/e-mail support 

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