COVID-19 Studio Updates

As we re-open the studio here are some guidelines to make the in studio experience a safe one. Class sizes will be limited so that there is social distancing


1. Students must enter the studio alone and one at a time

2. No parents in the lobby unless you have an appointment to go to the desk for Registration, payment or signature.

3. Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building

4. Masks must be worn when entering the building. Staff and faculty will be required to wear masks at all times. Students staff and faculty are required to wear masks at all times.

5. Gloves can be worn to enter the building but must be thrown away once in the building

6. Everyone entering the building will be required to use the hand sanitizer by the entrance. Additional hand sanitizers will be placed strategically inside the building.

7. The locker rooms will be closed during the summer please just bring the necessary dance shoes for classes.

8. No bare feet will be permitted during class. Socks or shoes may be worn.

9. The bath room will be sanitized after every use with disinfectant wipes and cleaned every hour. Non-contact soap dispensers will be placed in all bathrooms

10. Studios will have taped areas on the floor to show 6ft areas so that distancing may be observed

11. All barres, doorknobs, surfaces and equipment will be sanitized between classes

12. No food will be allowed inside the building please bring your own water bottle marked with the student’s name. There will be no water fountains.