Helping Kids Excel

Involvement in the Arts Will Help Your Child Excel at School and In Life!

It is a proven fact that during the pandemic children have been adversely affected both socially and academically. Furthermore, several studies have shown that children are having a harder time expressing themselves and connecting with their peers. Arts education is a wonderful bridge to help children get back to a normal way of life.

Arts education lifts students up by giving them hope and inspiration through dance classes and music lessons!

Studies by several Universities have shown that students who are involved in the arts are:
3 times more likely to win an achievement award

4 times more likely to be recognized for outstanding leadership

5 times more likely to be promoted in the work force

Demonstrate improved time management and lower dropout rates

Dance classes help students of all ages are developing strength, enhancing coordination, musicality, improving flexibility, balance and learning full dance routines and then having the courage to get on stage and perform!

Music lessons help students increase their understanding of music theory, enjoying new and diverse styles of music and learn how to express themselves through their music. It takes moxie to performing in front of an audience what they have learned.

But that is only what people see on the outside. The fact is that what dance and music training builds on the inside far outweighs any dance step or music note. Important life enhancing skills for students of all ages are being propped up, reinforced and built. Improved self-esteem, problem solving skills and enhanced self-awareness. Having a better understanding of teamwork and realizing that hard work can not only be fun but equals results. The synergy of all of this coming together is powerful to say the least. And these are just some of the all-important life lessons learned. After 30+ years we here at D’Valda and Sirico we have seen firsthand from alumni who come back to visit. From doctors to CEOs to lawyers, professional dancers, singers and musicians, body builders and moms, they all attribute a big part of their growth, success and happiness in life to their time at the D’Valda and Sirico Dance and Music Centre.
Yes, it is true. Performing arts are an important part of the fabric of any community.

The truth of the matter is that they are an institution of higher education where children are not only learning the art of dance and music but the art of life. Arts education lifts students up giving them hope and inspiration. Students who partake in dance classes and music lessons are better listeners. They also understand that everyone will have a unique way of self-expression and are more tolerant of people’s differences. Yes, the education part is huge for these students and will leave an everlasting mark on their lives, but it doesn’t end there!

Arts education evokes inspiration and is something that gives joy and happiness as well as a spirit of hopefulness. It also creates awe in both the performer and the person watching. Studies have shown that experiencing awe and inspiration makes us more prone to positive behavior towards others. We are less likely to care exclusively about ourselves after experiencing the feeling of awe and we feel better connected as a part of a larger whole. It is a self-transcendent emotion alongside compassion and gratitude that some researchers believe helped us evolve as humans and gives us the ability to care for one another, cooperate and coordinate as a group.

Now how important is that now a days!